Eligibility Verification

With Cyber System medical eligibility verification system, you get:

• Real-time eligibility and benefits
• Verify Medicare and hundreds more
• Co-pay, co-insurance and deductible data

Plus, Cyber System insurance verification software offers unique features to help you improve your practice profitability:

• A “Create chart” button that allows you to create the patient chart right from the eligibility check, eliminating manual entry of registration information and assuring you that the patient data in the billing system matches what the payer has on file.
• The option to schedule rechecks of eligibility at any period that you specify before the appointment. “Just in time” eligibility checking reminds you when coverage has changed, reducing claim denials and payment delays.

Because the health insurance industry is in transition, the need for real-time medical eligibility verification has never been greater. And that means checking eligibility not just when the appointment is made, but also at a scheduled time that you choose near the date of the appointment, to insure the information is still current.

The option to create your patient charts right from the payer information is also more important than ever with the latest changes in health insurance; making certain that the spelling of the patient’s name and the address information are correct reduces submission errors. Less errors mean that you get paid as soon as possible, reducing denials and payment delays.

A membership card alone is not the answer to medical eligibility verification. Automate the process and learn more than you ever have about your patient’s insurance benefits—and get paid faster