About Us

Cyber System (Private) Limited is one of the country’s leading IT related Companies that has been providing Medical billing & customer support to its clients in the United States since 2011. 200+ customer support & Medical billing executives are working in Cyber System’s customer support & Medical billing department – all hired for a specific combination of education, skills and experience that they share in common, and which should assure that all are highly successful in their positions. Cyber System takes a personal approach to US Billing Companies. We are ready and willing to assist clients in maintaining a more profitable and efficient practice. Our staff is uniquely qualified, being comprised of experienced and trained Managers. We are able to tailor a solution that fits your specific needs. We service each client’s needs quickly, efficiently, and securely.

Cyber System help clients accelerate revenue growth, improve operational effectiveness and dramatically increase customer satisfaction levels, while reducing their billing costs. We have a unique capability to provide BPO solutions across industry verticals from our global locations, thereby providing our clients with highly customized solutions that efficiently and effectively solve your product and service needs. Our leadership across all service lines consists of senior executives.